Access Statement

Eryri DX makes accessibility a high priority. Although we are a small club, we have two blind members, three wheelchair users and several hard-of-hearing members plus others with hidden disabilities.

The Northwood Hotel has ramped access and a large accessible toilet which is NOT full of mops and buckets!

For our visually impaired and blind members, we provide audio description of films and PowerPoint presentations. We always ask speakers to describe any on-screen photographs or diagrams. At present our blind members use screen-readers for communications but we are always happy to provide giant print.

As soon as funds allow, we will be purchasing a portable loop so hearing-aid users will have a better experience.

Whatever the disabling condition, we will walk with you and be supportive.

We will always try to meet the needs of people with hidden disabilities. We have members with epilepsy, diabetes and other hidden conditions which we have been taught how to address should the need arise. We also have members who don’t attend meetings because crowds or open spaces are difficult and we support them in other ways.